Positive Positive Positive!

Don’t you just hate negative people? I know that I do! Being negative is never a good thing. I hate when I’m in a negative mood and I try to get out of it as quickly as possible. When you are running your own company you need to have a positive attitude because more often than not there are going to be days when things don’t go right for you. When that happens you are not going to want to dread on what when wrong, but instead on how to solve the problem. So many people stress on what actually happened rather than trying to fix the problem. Just like how people complain about not making enough money, but they don’t go out there and work hard to make more. Negativity can really kill production and motivation, so here are some tips to get that positive vibe back.

I know all of you have a few songs that when you hear them they always make you feel good. I have a whole feel good playlist that when I need to get a ton of hard work done I put on and I’m always in a good mood. Music is a great way to put yourself in a good mood because unlike other things listed below it can be done almost anywhere. If you are working in an office you can just put on a pair of headphones, if you are on the way home you can throw on your iPod. Music is definitely a quick fix to regain that positivity.

Now this will take some time because you actually have to sit down and watch a movie, but it still works. There are a few movies that after I’m done watching them I’m in a great mood and am ready to work. If I’m having a really crappy day and have no motivation and can’t seen to get in a positive mood I will take a break, get lunch, and throw on a movie. After the movie I’m charged up and ready to tackle whatever I have to get done that day.

Get Out!
Do you live with a negative person? Is it hard to be excited about something when they always have to point out something wrong with it? If that is the case then take a few days a week and get out of the house to work. I’m sure where you live there are places like Starbucks and Panera, where you can get work done without being around that negative person.