Pittco 8 Weekend!

Well I took a few days off from Blogging to have a little fun. This past weekend was Pittco 8, Pittsburgh’s largest LAN party! Last year I talked about going to the event and this year was just as fun. As I had said before I used to be on Pittco staff, but because of how busy I am with ThinkComputers I cannot commit to it. I still try to support Pittco by providing servers and prizes for their tournaments as well as spreading the word about their upcoming parties on my websites.

Pittco was held at the same fire hall as last time and it is the perfect location. It has more than enough room, there is adequate parking, and food is a 2 minute drive away. Just like last year I went with my friend Sebastian. I also met up with friends from cant stop this. I did not plan on playing in any tournaments, but enough of us were there to make 2 Counter-Strike teams for cant stop this. The better players were on the main team and our team, can stop this was comprised of people who just wanted to play for fun. The tournament was double elimination, so we had to lose twice. We ended up losing our first game, winning our second, and losing our third against our other team cant stop this. It was funny hearing them announce cant stop this vs. can stop this.

I really only play Counter-Strike for fun, but it was cool being able to play an organized game. I used to play it like that all the time, but now I rarely have time to game at all. The weekend was a lot of fun and it was nice to get away from work. I was also broadcasting live from the event via Justin.tv. One thing that is cool about Justin.tv is that they archive all of your broadcasts, so I made a small episode of me playing in the tournament.

Thanks to Pittco for putting on a great event!