New Setup!

You would think that my computer changes all the time, but it really does not. My main (work) computer relatively stays the same and I used 2 other test machines to test out computer hardware. I do this because if something happens to my main computer it limits how much work I can get done. A few years ago my CPU ended up getting damaged while I was installing a CPU cooler, and I was without a computer for 3 days. That was 3 days without getting any work done. So I have separate computers for testing everything out now. I was using a HUGE case, the Thermaltake SwordM. Although it was cool at first it was just too big and I really did not need all that room inside the case. Also since the case was huge it was a pain to take with me to LAN parties, so a change was definitely needed.

Bgears recently sent me their B-envi case to review. Its a cube-style case that fits a mATX motherboard. I did have a mATX system, but its old. I mainly use it for a HTPC I wouldn’t trust it as my main work system. So thinking about how awesome it would be to have a cube system as my main system I went to look at mATX motherboards. Most mATX motherboards are made for HTPC’s nothing really for gaming or real intense use. I was out of luck in finding a good mATX motherboard until I found the DFI LanParty Jr. P45-T2RS. Not only did this motherboard have a full ATX motherboard chipset, it has 2x PCI-Express slots if I ever get back into gaming and has a ton of other features that you just don’t find on mATX boards. I was definiely sold on the board so I went ahead and ordered it.

Fitting everything in the B-envi was a bit stressful, everything is very cramped….

But it is definiely worth all of the desk space I will be saving with the smaller case. I also I started from scratch with a brand new install of Windows Vista 64-bit. I chose 64-bit so I can use the 4GB of memory I put in the system. It feels refreshing to start from the clean slate on the system. So far things are running great and I expect them to stay that way. Finally I’m done lugging the HUGE case to LAN parties!