My New Toy

Well as I said before I needed to get a new laptop. I decided on the Dell XPS M1210. There were a few things that made me choose it over the other laptops I was looking at. The biggest one being size. The laptop I had before this one was the Dell 700m, which is also 12.1-inches. I am used to this size and love the portability being that it is so small. I didn’t want to go to anything bigger that I would not be comfortable with. Another factor was Dell’s customer support, which is one of the best. My roomates laptop was having problems and they gave him a brand new one! Support like that is hard to come by in the PC industry. The final deciding factor was that I was able to go look at the laptop in person. Dell has a kiosk at the mall so I went up there and was able to check it out before I bought it. I did have to go through getting hassled by the dell rep, but it was worth being able to check out the laptop. The M1210 is amazing I upgraded a few of the components from the base model, but here are my specs, Intel Core Duo 2.0 Ghz Processor, 1GB Memory, GeForce 7400go, 60GB hard drive, 8x DVD RW drive, webcam, and integrated wireless and bluetooth. The only problem I have with it is that you can see hand marks really easily on the casing, you can tell from the pics below. Check on each pic for a full size image.