My First Pho

I had not heard of Pho until this year. John always talked about going to get Pho and after checking out his posts I was very intrigued to go try it. Problem was there were no places around Pittsburgh that sold the stuff. Well not so in Vegas! As I said in my earlier post we are staying at Treasure Island and they happen to have a Pho restaurant and actually it is the only Vietnamese restaurant on the strip. The restaurant is simply called Pho and it is located at the far end of the Coffee Shop at Treasure Island. So Ashley and I decided to go try it out.

The menu is quite small only about 10 things were on it. A few appetizers and mostly Pho. Never having Pho before I went with the Pho Tai, which is raw beef with rice noodle soup. Ashley decided on the chicken with clear noodles (can’t remember the exact name of it). The Pho came out in really large bowls, I didn’t expect them to be that big. Also you were given a dish of fresh bean sprouts, jalapenos, and cilantro leaves. You can mix these into the Pho if you wanted. Here are pictures of the Pho Tai, and what Ashley got, after she ate all the broth!

After taking my first few spoonfuls of the Pho Tai I noticed that it was very bland. I was expecting something like a wonton soup taste. It was still good, just a little bland for my taste. I also tried Ashley’s and I like that a lot better. You could really taste the chicken flavor in the broth and the chicken pieces were really good. The clear noodles also tasted better than the rice noodles that were in my Pho. Even though my Pho was a bit bland for my taste I still enjoyed it. Nothing makes you feel better than a nice steaming bowl of soup! Each bowl of Pho was $10.