Mentioned in the New York Times

Back in January I wrote an article on ThinkComputers about this year’s experience at CES, where companies were getting thrown out of hotels because they did not register with the CEA. I also reposted the article on this blog as I wanted to share my experience with all of the readers here. About a week after the article was posted I was contacted by the New York Times, they interviewed me for about 30 minutes about the article and my CES experience this year compared to last year. I was pretty cool being interviewed, I have only been interviewed 2 other times and it was by websites, not a big publication like the New York Times. Here is a quote from the article…

Bob Buskirk, who attended the electronics show and owns a Web site, ThinkComputers, that reviews hardware and software products, said he had “never been kicked out of a hotel room or even heard of companies being kicked out.” But this January, he said, two of his meetings were disrupted when the vendors were ejected by hotel security. “From what I’ve heard anecdotally, the amount of unlicensed vendors was certainlly the most it’s been in recent memory,” said Mr. Reese of the Sands.

Mr. Buskirk, who has been attending the show for five years, said that the show’s exhibits seemed to take up much less space this year. A spokeswoman for the association confirmed that the show’s size dropped to 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space.

The article is online here and appeared in print in the February 16th New York Edition of the Times. What is interesting is that most of the things I write are for a reason, a company sends me a product I have to write the review etc. I just felt that this was something that needed to be talked about and interestingly enough it got a lot of attention.