May’s Blogging Thoughts

Well I think May was a good month of blogging for me. I only managed to write 26 post compared to last month’s 30, but this month was quite a busy one for me. I have been working on a lot of reviews for ThinkComputers and writing quite a few articles for ThinkGaming. Luckily I got 3 new writers for ThinkComputers, now I can distribute all the products I get in to review between the 4 of us so I don’t have to do all the reviews myself.

The most popular post of the month was my article on John Chow. In May I also wrote 2 more articles on two of my friends Jon Waraas and Alex Billington. Both of these guys and John Chow are doing great things on the internet so make sure you check out the articles. But as I said this month has been a busy one so I did not get as much done as I would have liked. Hopefully I can write more interesting articles this month and maybe have a contest. Thanks to all the top commentators on the blog and people who visit. If you have any suggestions for post or topics to write about leave a comment!