February 2009 Thoughts

Well if you frequent this blog you know that not much has gone on this month, check out my previous blog entry to see why. This month was a total blur to me, trying to keep up with ThinkComputers and dealing with moving and everything else really made things really stressful. I did make some blog upgrades, which I think make the user experience better, but I only managed to get out 5 posts! That’s the lowest number I’ve had since 2006! Out of those 5 posts my favorite was Be Productive on the Road, where you got a chance to see how I try and make things as productive as possible when I’m on the road.

Popular Posts
So what was everyone looking at in Feburary? Let’s see…

I still see some of the same posts getting good traffic, good to see!

Traffic Sources

Good to see some traffic is still coming on from StumbleUpon and Facebook.

Top Commentators
Well, as crappy as last month was for me I forgot to take a screenshot of the top commentators for Feburary, I promise I will not forget this month!


On To March
I’m really hoping that March is a better month for me, I really need to get my motivation back and really kick ass at ThinkComputers and keep everyone updated on my blog. Wish me luck!