Crazy Mocha

In my never-ending search for cool, relaxing places to work at during the day I have come upon a really cool place that anyone who lives in Pittsburgh should know about, Crazy Mocha. My first experience with Crazy Mocha was at the Southside Works location on East Carson street. The first thing I noticed when I walked inside was that it was not extremely big, but hey I’m used to going to Starbucks, which are usually always big. I ordered a Mocha and found a place to sit down. Unlike Panera where power outlets are a luxury Crazy Mocha has them everywhere. They understand that most people coming in are going to want to do work on their laptops and need a power outlet. Also Crazy Mocha has free unlimited WiFi, which means you can spend all day there working, unlike Starbucks where you only get 2 hours. The atmosphere inside was nice and relaxing and you could easily get a lot of work done when you are there. I spent about 4 hours at the Crazy Mocha in Southside.

A few days ago my friend Sebastian and I went to the location in Shadyside and just like the location in Shadyside it was nice and relaxing. We worked for a few hours and it was nice and relaxing. What’s cool about Crazy Mocha is that it’s open till midnight, whereas much Coffee shops are only open till maybe 10 if not earlier. It gives people like me who like to work at night a place to go. Besides Coffee Crazy Mocha also sells deserts, but I have yet to try any. If you are in Pittsburgh check out a Crazy Mocha, they have quite a few locations. Too bad they don’t have one in North Hills or I would be there every day!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, all I had was my iPhone!