CES Kicked My Ass!

Well CES is finally over and I am relieved. I had hoped to give you guys daily updates on what was going on at CES, but that didn’t happen. With all of my meetings, appointments, and partying throughout the week it was really hard to find the time to do work, let alone update the blog. After 4 straight days of walking from hotel to hotel for meetings and walking the show floor I am completely exhausted! Thursday I had my final meeting and I was glad when it was over because I knew I didn’t have to be anywhere else the rest of my time in Vegas, I could actually sit down and relax for once.

The rest of Thursday was a pretty chill day I finished a few coverage articles for ThinkComputers. You all should definitely check out our Booth Babe Gallery and Digg it too! John took out all of the TTZ Media affiliates that attended CES to the Flamingo Buffet. Yeah it is not as lavish as last year, but there were no good restaurants that could seat a party of 17 that were available the week of CES. Plus I love buffets, the more food the better. Since there were 17 of us we were sat right in the middle of the restaurant. It was nice just to talk to everyone and enjoy all you can eat food. As you can see from the photo below I was catching up on eating since I rarely got a chance to get a full meal during the show.

We were at the buffet for about 3 hours, even after everyone was done eating we just sat and talked. Everyone from TTZ Media becomes like a big family during CES. We all go to the same press events and parties so we are always seeing each other. CES is like a once a year get together for all of us.

After dinner Colin, Ashley, Alex, and I went to the Forum Shops to get some last minute shopping done. Since it was Colin’s first time in Vegas he had to be initiated with the half yard 42oz margarita. After walking around the Forum Shops for a while we went back to the hotel. Packing was horrible, we had so much swag from CES I really had to organize things so they fit in our suitcases. I’m ready to be home, but our flight is not until 5:45PM today!

I had so much fun this entire week don’t think that you won’t hear about it. I will be posting more articles on what all went on through the craziness of CES 2008. Check back soon!