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TeuxDeux: The Pefect To-Do List

So for the longest time I had been looking for a to-do list app for my iPhone. Not only just an iPhone app, but something that I could use on my desktop or pretty much anywhere. So many of the apps that I found were not simple to do list’s and have so many unnecessary features that makes things confusing and do not get the job done. A couple of months ago my friend Pat told me about TeuxDeux.

Hacking My Sleep – Part 2: Tweaking

A couple of weeks ago I started to plan out how I would hack my sleep. Making it possible to fall asleep faster and easier and being able to wake up refreshed. As I said in my earlier post I’ve always had trouble sleeping, especially falling asleep. After doing some research I found some methods that would help me and I have been testing them over the past couple of weeks. Let’s start with that I am doing…