Buy Me a Beer!

A lot of my friends have added this plugin to their blogs so I have decided to add it to mine. The buy me a beer plugin is quite a cool plugin and is really easy to install. What better way to let me know you like my post than buying me a beer. I suggest $3 for a bottle and $7.50 for a pitcher. Once I get enough donations I will go out and buy some beer and take a picture for you guys.

I like a lot of different beers, but my favorites are probably Miller Lite, Labatte Blue, and Heineken. I don’t drink beer that often though, usually when I go out I get Captain and Coke’s. If you look at the picture below you will see what I look like after I get a few beers in me! The other guy in the photo is one of my best friends Mark. He always ends up getting me drunk!