Awesome Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend and I sure took advantage of it! When you run your own business it is very stressful and being able to have an escape from all the craziness is nice. I started the weekend out celebrating my friend Cory’s birthday down at the new River’s Casino. If you haven’t been down there yet it is a great place to spend some money and have fun! The next day I went to a cookout at my friend Nick’s house. It was sure one hell of a cookout too, we had 3 grills going at once! All of us just relaxed, enjoyed the good food and had some beers. It was great being able to just relax.

After the cookout I headed home for a little bit then headed down to Pitt. The 2009 school year at Pitt just started and my friend Will was having a party so I decided to check it out. College parties are always fun and Will’s was no exception! It was a great first party, I think I was there till 4am!

The next morning I had to wake up early to go on my friend’s boat. We took it from the dock all the way up the river to PNC Park. Once we were there we parked it and walked up to the Rib Fest that was going on at Heinz Field. It was packed! I decided to get food and head back down to the boat. I got a half-rack of ribs from Armadillo’s and they were awesome! They fell right off the bone and the sauce was amazing! We took the boat back down the river, which was enjoyable. I’m surprised there were not that many boats out, it was a beautiful day!

After the boating trip I headed out to my friend Matt’s birthday party. With any big birthday party there was food, I think I ate more this weekend than I did all of last week! We all just hang out at Matt’s and enjoyed the nice weather.

It was great being able to spend all weekend with friends having a good time! I had 3 solid days of relaxation! If you didn’t get out this past weekend you should take a weekend and totally relax and have a good time. It is a great way to charge up for the work week!