August 2009 Thoughts

Well I guess that’s it, summer is over! September 1st marks the end of summer for most people, they go back to school or start getting too busy to go out all the time. Things do seem different now that it is September, but let’s look back on August. August was another slow blogging month, I think the main reason for that is because I was trying to get the most out of my summer. Last summer I really didn’t do anything, this year it seemed like I was always doing something, which was good. I also turned 25 this month so you know I celebrated my birthday that entire weekend! Out of the 6 posts from August my favorite one would have to be Turning 25… it was good to look back and be happy with how my life has turned out so far!

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So what was everyone checking out this month? Let’s take a look…

Looks like some of the same posts are getting a lot of traffic.

Traffic Sources

New to the traffic sources are BackType and Nate Whitehill, thanks for the traffic!

Top Commentators
Finally I remembered to take a screenshot for the top commentators! They are as follows…Branding Sydney, Mother of Pearl Beads, Kitchen Cabinets, EarningStep, and Coast guard gifts. Thanks for contributing to the site!


All of the stats keep on going up! Every stat went up higher than they did last month!

On to August
As I said summer is pretty much over so it will be prime time to really start kicking ass at ThinkComputers and this blog! If you have any suggestions on what you would like me to blog about please let me know, thanks!