Are You Working Hard?

I made a post a while ago talking about how summer is over. That means that most people are going back to school or work. For me that means it’s time to dig in and work even harder. During the summer there is less internet traffic and it’s nice so you want to go out. In the fall / winter you see an increase in internet traffic and since its cold and cloudy most of the time it’s not like you want to go outside all the time. I have been working really hard on many things, here is what I’ve been up to.

As I mentioned earlier I have been really pumping out content on ThinkComputers. We did 20 straight days of content last month and we are averaging around 5 reviews a week if not more. This is a hard thing to accomplish but I have a very good system in place to get things done. Also we have a steady flow of products coming in and my staff is really kicking ass!

There are some new features on ThinkComputers too. I have revamped the articles page. Now the articles are separated into categories instead of a long page of all the articles on the site. This way they are easy to find and navigate and it gives more exposure to older articles.

ThinkComputers also has an official staff blog now! It will give ThinkComputers users a behind the scenes look at what we have going on. It will be updated once a week or so, nothing major but something to keep people coming back to ThinkComputers.

I will also be adding more features to site in the coming weeks too!

I launched a new website, ThinkPenguins. Since launching it has been great so far. I have met many people who write about the Pens and it is great to write about something other than technology and the internet. I love hockey so writing posts is easy. I’m averaging a post a day!

I hope to get a good following going in the Pittsburgh area, we will see how it goes!

The Blog
I haven’t done much with the blog since the new layout was launched, but I have a long list of things I want to implement. Hopefully you will be able to see them in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions for the blog please let me know and they will go on the list!

I hope everyone is working hard during this busy internet season, make that money so you can take it easy during the summer months!