April 2009 Thoughts

April was an interesting month for me, I was quite busy with ThinkComputers getting things back on track and really pumping out reviews. As far as blogging goes I took it a bit easy only writing 9 posts, which is only 2 less than the month before, but I want to keep in increasing in numbers not decreasing! My favorite post in April was the Money Makers 2009 Edition post. Many people are curious as to how I make money online and that basically explains it. If you have any questions about that post or how to get those services setup let me know.

Popular Posts
So what was everyone checking out this month? Let’s take a look…

Haha my April fools joke is up there, good stuff!

Traffic Sources

Wow interesting to see how many people are clicking those ow.ly links I post on Twitter via HootSuite.

Top Commentators
Finally this month I remembered to take a screenshot of the top commentators, so here they are…

1. Play Games Win Prizes, 2. Colin Dean, 3. Best CSS Gallery, 4. Komodo Dragon, 5. seo india


Well everything is going up! Look at the HUGE increase in Twitter followers! I will be making a post on how I was able to get so many followers.

On to May
May should be a good month for me. It seems in the past few days I’ve had so much motivation I should be rolling through reviews on ThinkComputers and pumping out blog posts! I hope everyone had a good April, on to May!