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Ad:Tech San Francisco – CPA Empire

Since this was my first time going to an event like ad:tech I did not know what to expect. The show is sure a lot smaller than CES and other tech related events that I’ve been to. There were speaker sessions and an exhibit hall. The exhibit hall is where all the networks and companies were showing off their services. Rather than write a long blog post about what each company I talked to offered I decided for them to tell you! Today we will start with CPA Empire, who is an affiliate network. Here is what they had to say about what they do…

As Shane said they are a 1 stop shop for affiliates, they have a domain registrar Dynamic Dolphin and parking company Parking Empire. I have been using CPA Empire for a few months and have had success with them. Their control panel is easy to use and through their website it is easy to find offers that fit your niche. It was great meeting them at ad:tech and I hope to work even more with them in the future. If you want to signup for CPA Empire you can do so here.