A Week off from Blogging

Well as you may notice it has been a while since I have updated the blog. Believe me I’m not going to quit blogging, but I just needed a break. I hate it when I go through my bookmarks and see that sites have not updated in a while, so to my loyal readers I’m sorry for that. With everything in life you need to take a break once in a while and the past week I took a break from blogging, I still had a lot going on so taking blogging out of the picture really helped with a lot of other things.

I have been really working hard at ThinkComputers. Usually the summer time is the slow time for the site, but we have just as many products in as during Christmas time so it’s just as much work. It’s kind of a bummer since it is summer, but it’s by business and if I want it to grow I have to work hard at it. We have some really great reviews coming up too. We just posted a review of the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 11.1-inch laptop, make sure you check it out. It is the perfect laptop for a blogger or mobile user.

Personal Time
Since I took some time off from blogging it gave me extra time to myself. The biggest problem being a writer is burnout. I don’t want to get burnt out and not update all of my sites, so I decided it would be best to take blogging out of the mix and I think it worked out well. It was one less thing to worry about. It is nice just being able to relax and not think about all the things you have to do.

Over the past few weeks my place has turned into a mess! I just had so much to do that the little free time that I did have I just felt like relaxing. Well because of that my place was a mess and when you are living in a mess it really hurts your motivation. So I took an entire day and cleaned my entire apartment. I even rearranged my office to give it a new feel, which should really help with my motivation. Stay tuned for a blog post about that.

If you are feeling crushed with work and are always stressed take one thing out of the mix. I really didn’t think that just not blogging for a week would help, but it really did.