A Nice Boost From SlickDeals

Monday seemed like a normal day for me. I had posted the review of the Antec P190 Case and was expecting it to go over quite well. For one Monday’s are usually the busiest days for ThinkComputers, traffic is a lot higher than the rest of the week. Also Antec products always go over well, so I was expecting to make a little more than what I was normally making per day on ThinkComputers. So after doing my morning routine I checked how things were going, I was surprised to see that I made a lot more than expected. Taking a closer look I saw that I had an abnormal amount of impressions. Going into my site stats I notice I received over 2,000 unique visitors from SlickDeals. Looking through their site I saw they had linked my review of the Altec Lansing iM616 Earbuds. Buy.com had a deal on them and SlickDeals listed it with my review if people wanted to check them out. So with all the extra traffic I got a nice boost of traffic and revenue.

Google: $63.57
TTZ Media: $59.10
Tribal Fusion: $21.90
Total: $144.57

Google: $48.52
TTZ Media: $47.40
Tribal Fusion: $9.79
Total: $105.71

Google: $20
TTZ Media: $25.50
Tribal Fusion: $5
Total: $50.50

As you can see it was a nice increase over what my average per day has been. Also I was surprised that the traffic kept on coming through yesterday. Now that the deal has expired I’m really not getting a lot of traffic from SlickDeals. If you look at the iM616 review you will notice that the review is using the old TTZ banners. If I had gone back and changed it to the new style banners I probably could have make even more money! I also do not have the stats for my contextual ads. I am working with a new company and I get stats e-mailed to me at the end of each month. So I made even more than what is listed!

Although it was not a Digg, it was an extra $150, which is a nice boost. Also the traffic helps and new people who have not been to ThinkComputers got to check it out and might come back. A good way to start the week 🙂