A Look at BlogRush Phase 2

I have not talked about BlogRush since it launched back in September. When BlogRush was first launched a lot of people jumped on, but it had problems. Many blogs were gaming the system and just using BlogRush to get traffic and using it to get traffic to low quality sites. Because of all this BlogRush has improved their system rolling out what they call as Phase2.

A lot of things have been improved with Phase 2. I really like the new dashboard. You get to see syndication credits earned from your traffic, syndication credits earned from your referral network, where your credits come from, referral network, credit balance, credit earnings report, and the stats on your last 12 posts. The 2 things that really come in handy are your Referral network, which shows what level you are at, total referrals, referrals you’ve got in the past week and month. Also I like the last 12 blog posts at the bottom. This shows you your last 12 blog posts, how many times it was syndicated, and how many people clicked the link from the BlogRush widget.

Also they have added reports so you can search a specific time range and see the credits earned, traffic, referral traffic, bloggers in your network, and new bloggers added during that time period. Also it will list the stats for the specific posts during that given time period. This will help greatly to see what people are clicking.

With Phase2 BlogRush has also added more colors and styles to the widget. Before we only had the 175px widget, now there is also a 120px one. With each size you are also given 13 different colors to choose from. What is really cool is with most things if you change the color you have to retype in the code on your blog. With BlogRush all you have to do is click on the add flavor you want and refresh your blog and it will be there.

Finally there are filters. You can stop your posts from being syndicated in the widget by using keywords. You can also do the same for posts that will appear in the widget on your blog. You can also ban blogs entirely from appearing in the widget on your site.

With all of these new features it seems like BlogRush is more useful and they are trying to make it better for the users. If you want to take an in-depth look at Phase2 of BlogRush you can check out the video here, but remember if you want to signup go through my referral link!